Terms and Conditions

You must agree to the terms and conditions of the Mug Club before being accepted into the Mug Club.

Be sure you understand everything before you agree. If you have a question, feel free to email or call/text 563-207-0357 before purchasing this membership.

This membership is NONREFUNDABLE.

By completing the form below and sending in your payment, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the Mug Club listed below:

  • You must be 21 years old or older to purchase this membership. 

  • You will have to pay the 7% Iowa sales tax during the purchase of your membership. The total cost of the first year of the Mug Club is $160.50. Every year after the first year, your Mug Club membership will be $107.00 (but you don't get another mug and growler).

  • The payment of the Mug Club will be made by check. You can mail the check to :

Textile Brewing Company

146 2nd Street NE

Dyersville, Iowa 52040

or you can email: to arrange personal delivery or pick up of the check. There is a place in the registration form where you can choose which way you will be paying. Please note that the check must clear the bank before the payment is accepted by Textile Brewing Company.


  • You are responsible for bringing in your Mug Club Mug during visits to Textile Brewing Company. Textile Brewing Company is not responsible for lost or forgotten mugs. Should you lose or break your mug, we can reorder your mug for you at cost. Should you forget your Mug Club mug, just let the beertender know. We will have some Mug Club mugs on hand to borrow. You may be asked to show identification for verification of club membership.

  • You may not let others "borrow" your mug or membership perks like the discount on food or merchandise. You might be asked for identification for verification. Sharing your mug or perks will result in a warning, and then expulsion from the Mug Club.

  • Higher alcohol beers and beers with high ingredient costs will be served in smaller, more appropriate glasses. 

  • Your Mug Club mug membership may not be transferred or sold. 

  • You will get one free birthday beer!

  • You will receive one 64-ounce growler (value: $45) with your first fill free. You will get $2 off every growler fill during your membership period. Beer eligible for growler fills will be indicated on our current menu. Some higher alcohol beers and beers with high ingredient costs may not be eligible for growler fills. See the current menu for eligible beers.

  • You will get 25% off of all Textile Brewing Company merchandise and swag during your membership period.

  • You will get 10% off all of Textile Brewing Company food sold on the premises.

  • NONE of these perks are eligible on beer or merchandise purchased outside of Textile Brewing Company premises.

  • This club is NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • The first year you join the Textile Mug Club, the membership is $150. Each subsequent year the amount is $100, but you do not get a new Mug Club mug and growler.

  • Your membership year starts when you pick up your membership items from Textile Brewing Company. You must show identification at that time.

  • Textile Brewing Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Mug Club on an annual basis.

Mug Club Registration



Thank you for joining the Mug Club!


Remember that you must pay by check, and the check must clear the bank before you are officially a member of the Mug Club.


Mail your check to:

Textile Brewing Company

146 2nd Street NE

Dyersville, Iowa, 52040,


or email: to arrange pick-up/ delivery of the check. Thank you so much for your support!

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